Peptia in Blue


Pepita Houndstooth Blue

Pepita Houndstooth Blue

New in Stock, Blue Pepita Houndstooth
is added to our range of fabrics

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Porsche Early Basket Weave Material



In my quest for Porsche perfection I have sourced a roll of basket weave material as used on early 911’s and 912’s seat centres, dash faces and door cards.

Width 130 cm, price £35 per meter or £20 for a strip enough to recover the dash excursion.

Shipping worldwide

To order contact: Garry at garry@classicfx.net

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Pepita Houndstooth Fabric

Pepita Houndstooth Fabric

Pepita Houndstooth Fabric

In my journey for Porsche trimming perfection I had 50m of “Pepita” houndstooth fabric woven in black & white by a weaver here in the UK. The main reason for this was although there were good replacement materials on the market I couldn’t find one which was 100% correct for my customers needs.

The process started with an original piece of seat fabric being sent to the weavers for analysis. They then recreated the pattern, colour and repeat used by the original manufacture for Porsche. This resulted in a reproduction of the fabric matching OEM specification with authentic pattern, weave and quality using original materials.

Once produced the fabric was tested using an industry standard “Martindale” Test which resulted in an outcome of 100,000 rubs (severe contract quality).

The fabric patch arrived and has been shipped around the globe to the delight of the Porsche owners who pre-ordered.

Another 50 metres is in production, 30 metres in black & white and 20 metres in red black & white.

A pair of comfort/sports seats will require 2 metres of fabric along with most other seat applications.

Samples available on request

Cost is £91 per metre plus shipping.

Contact Details:

Email Address: garry@classicfx.net

Telephone: 07551 003 000

The Classic FX Houndstooth-Pepita Specifications 

Porsche Pepita Design


Composition:92% pure merino new wool 8%nylon

Abrasion Martindale:100,000

Width: 140 cm min

Price: £88.00 per metre

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