Porsche Seat Covers

Classic FX have designed replacement 964, 996, 997, 991 & 992 lightweight sport bucket and folding buckets direct replacement seat back and base cover insert sets.

Using our Pepita fabrics & sourced OEM Porsche materials in all colours these sets are an exact replacement for the original. So if you fancy that early look to you new 991 GT3 or any model fitted with a set of sports buckets these are great.

I now have new stock of the original 911R OEM Agate Grey & Black Silver material (not a reproduction) as ordered via CXX special orders for the factory

Just remove your seat centres, (Velco’ed in) remove the covers (again Velcro) replace with the Classic FX covers onto your now bare cushions and place back onto the seats. My easy installation videos are below.

We can also produce a set in any material you like! Lots of pictures an examples below and on the gallery

Some happy customers here!


Cost starting from £649 per set plus shipping

Replacement Foam Sets

Classic FX replacement foams now available for 918 fixed lightweight buckets. Precise CNC cut from the originals for a detailed fit exactly the same as the factory ones in look and feel…. At a fraction of the cost Classic FX set’s (two seats) are £300. Base passenger occupancy sensor can also be fitted (Porsche part) if required at extra cost, passenger sensor possibly fitted to MY 2021 an onwards. please check an advise when ordering.  So plug & play for minimal fitting now available

Update: We now have replacement foam sets slightly softer than the factory originals above for a more comfortable ride, but still with all the factory details. Enquire for details

Email me for specific materials and costs


Some “how it fit” videos below:

Lightweight folding bucket installation

Lightweight fixed bucket installation

2021 Fixed Lightweight Bucket Set Difference

When fitting insert cover sets to 2021 seats and onward make sure you disconnect the battery while working on the seats in order not to get any warning lights appearing. 


Loads of ideas on our gallery tab

Our new custom lightweight buckets foam sets for plug & play @ £300 per set plus occupancy sensor (if needed)

Classic FX Blue Black & White peptia

997.2 Folding in OEM Black Silver

20180421_094828 20180421_095820


With 50/50 911R Black silver fitted to a new GT3 touring


GT3 seats

Porsche Sport Tex Yell below as fitted to the new 911T

20181030_120918_resized IMG_20181030_121812_250

Customers own supplied plaid


LWB Plaid

Folding Buckets in OEM Black Silver

Recaro Pole Positions in Black Silver

996 GT3 with new Black Silver Inserts

New GT4 sports Black Silver inserts