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1973 911 2.4T RHD Targa having seat replacements

73 Seats Trimmed in Corduroy

73 Seats Trimmed in Corduroy

73 Seats Trimmed in Corduroy

73 Seats Trimmed in Corduroy


A lovely original 1973 911T RHD Targa arrived at Classic FX some weeks ago. Customer’s brief was to fit original comfort seats with factory corduroy insets as this was how the car was delivered to it’s first owner.

Classic FX sourced a pair of beige 73 seats with headrests then re-trimmed in the correct vinyl and black corduroy.

Some before and after shots 

SAM_0638 SAM_0637 SAM_0636





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Porsche 1973 911E Carpets, Seat Repairs, New Door Pockets ” All Finished with customer comments”

Viper Green 73E 911 arrives for new salt & pepper carpets along with new door pockets and seat repairs

Some positive feedback from the customer after collection

“I would really like to recommend Garry and his work to all future customers. For the work to my 1972 911E, his level of expertise and commitment to detail has been superb.  He has transformed my car with new carpets and door boxes, and refurbishments to the seats.  He also carried out loads of extras which occurred to him as he was working round the car and in that way, in terms of care, he treated my car as one of his own.”


SAM_0238 SAM_0239 SAM_0240 SAM_0241 SAM_0242 SAM_0245 SAM_0246

SAM_0249 SAM_0250 SAM_0297


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356B Headrest Conversion

Customer requested a headrest conversion to his Porsche 356B seats. A set of early 911 headrests were sourced and his seats modified to accommodate. Once dismantled they looked a tad sorry for themselves, thus a refurbish to the backs followed SAM_0023 SAM_0022 SAM_0017 SAM_0013 SAM_0012 SAM_0011 SAM_0010

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1970 2.2T Targa Restoration

1970 Targa restoration, matching numbers car for sale once finished, full bare metal restoration including engine, gearbox and interior

New rear wings and structural repairs to the shell, inner seals, outer seals,



Bodywork repairs continuing 🙂

IMG_9260kidney bowels, rear wings, floors, tanks support, slam lip, inner seal repairs

DSC_0315 DSC_0316 DSC_0317 DSC_0319 DSC_0324 DSC_0326 DSC_0330 DSC_0331

SAM_2177 SAM_2176

SAM_2237 SAM_2235 SAM_2233



IMG_8701 IMG_8700 IMG_8699





IMG_9049 IMG_9047 IMG_9046 IMG_9045 IMG_9044 IMG_9043

IMG_9242 IMG_9241 IMG_9240

WP_000039 WP_000040 WP_000041 WP_000042 WP_000043 WP_000044 WP_000045 WP_000047

IMG_9626 IMG_9625 IMG_9624 IMG_9575 IMG_9574

IMG_9557 IMG_9555 IMG_9543

Repairs to the lower floor & Spot welding the rear wings  in place

IMG_9894 IMG_9892 IMG_9889 IMG_9886


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Porsche 356B RHD Complete Interior Resortation Now Finished

Freshly painted 356B arriving at Classic FX for a complete interior restoration. This is to include new head lining, door cards, front and rear seats re-trimming along with carpet and dash.

Don’t you love that yellow themed body colour 🙂

IMG_9428 IMG_9427 IMG_9426 IMG_9425 IMG_9424 IMG_9423 IMG_9420


IMG_9437 IMG_9451 IMG_9452 IMG_9455 IMG_9460 IMG_9462


Your can now get a feel for the customer’s new interior trim theme

IMG_9500 IMG_9499 IMG_9498 IMG_9483 IMG_9481 IMG_9480 IMG_9478 IMG_9477

Seat bases coming along

IMG_9634 IMG_9633 IMG_9631 IMG_9586 IMG_9587

IMG_9724 IMG_9723 IMG_9722

Almost finished, onto the doors now

IMG_9824 IMG_9820 IMG_9817 IMG_9815 IMG_9775Period Nardi steering wheel supplied by Classic FX sets the interior off a treat


Door cards made, ready for the car

IMG_9865 IMG_9864 IMG_9863 IMG_9862

Almost completed


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